The Four Weapons EP

by Children of the Reptile

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Sophomore release by Wilmington, North Carolina American Epic Heavy Metal band, Children of the Reptile


released November 19, 2016

Recorded/Mixed/Engineered by Ian Millard at Dogwood Studios*
Mastered by Chris Goosman of Baseline Audio

*Track 4 was live tracked at North Star Studios during the self titled album sessions

Andrew Ohlmann (cover art), Michael Muller (back cover art), Zachery Redden (CD art), and Cyrus Marriner (interior layout/art)

Central Musicians:
Ozzie Darden: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Chris Millard: Guitar, Vocals
David "Pils" Hufham: Bass, Vocals
Jon Kiker: Drums (Thanks for the years of hard work Jonny! Good luck!)

Additional Musicians:
Molly Darden: Vocals
Gang Vocals: Molly Darden, Albie Lange, Cyrus Marriner, Ian Millard, Nick Truelove



all rights reserved


Children of the Reptile Wilmington, North Carolina


Ozzie Darden: Vocals, Guitars
Chris Millard: Guitars, Vocals
David "Pils" Hufham: Bass, Vocals
Chase Kelly: Drums

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Track Name: 4 Weapons
The trees blur as we ride quick through the Kingswood
Guardsmen stumble, our stomachs rumble
Breaking laws and felling his deer without a care
Four Weapons are we, and we do as we please

Four flagons of ale, clink together in a toast
Over our bounty, courtesy of His Majesty
Bardic brothers, never learned how to follow the rules
Winning maidens' hearts whose old men wanna split our skulls

Finally outwitted, they've caught us, and the King says:
Off! With! Their! Heads! Destroy! The! Four Weapons!
We bare our steel, We'll go down with blade in hand, but the court wizard
Casts! A! Spell! Fall Asleep! My! Pret! ties!

Deep inside the dungeon, 4 Weapons are rotting!
Awaiting the King's Justice: lopping off our heads!
But we're gonna break free, you cannot bind the wind
No one's here, bust on out, good times will never end!

But nothing is to be found
Save a note from the Devil King:

"I've taken
All of them!
The whole realm
Is in my clutches!
Come face me!
Four weapons!
Within my Devilish realm!"

And so we descend
Into the cave at the World's End
The Devil Dance Begins!
Track Name: Sieg Zeon!
Column of oppression rising from Earth
Colonies writhe, the Sides die,
Sovereign sides, from deep within the skies
Fight for freedom, beheld in a roving Zaku's eye!
Now's the time to strike, freedom is our right,
From Zeon we shall fight, our future's shining bright,
You feddies listen well, resistance we will quell,
Across the starry sea, we "spacenoids" shall be free!

The human ideal...
We have fulfilled...
Now, Open the gates and fire away!

We fall from the stars, we of the new Master Race, born in outer space...
The cosmic wind of war shall blow again, crashing down upon the Federation, we will fight until we're free, or we're dead!

Sieg Zeon!(x6)

Sieg Zeon! (Oh, Sons of Side 3)
Sieg Zeon! (Gather now your blood and iron!)
Sieg Zeon! (Oh, Sons of Side 3)
Sieg Zeon! (Prepare for war!)

Taking terrible toll, yet deterred we are not
The Colonies' Will is the Mighty Fist of Zeon!
We'll gladly bear any atrocity...
...And we'll return it one hundred fold!
You will surely meet ultimate defeat!
Death, upright like man, so get out while you can,
Surrender, now to us, your fleet shall become dust!
Freed from gravity, you'll never shackle us again!

The human ideal...
We have fulfilled...
Now, open the gates and fire away!



Now commencing...
Operation British...


Track Name: Goblin's Treasures
These are not your treasures, these are goblin's treasures!(4x)

Into my lair I sneak
To take a little peek
Within the mountainside deep
My treasures await me
A dragon I am not
But my hoarding satisfies me
Though others may not agree
My trinkets are precious to me

These are not your treasures, these are goblin's treasures! (4x)

The wasted, forgotten things
My hoard is but a mockery
I search beneath the earth
The shiny baubles catch my eye
But wait! What is this device?
The ancient runes mystify...

It is told...
Beneath the earth it lies...
A weapon of ancient power
The Terrorcrux cries...(mournful cry)

And now I'll show them all
The power in my grasp
The terrorcrux is risen
Within this wretch's hands

Now the time!
To lay waste is at hand!
Mock me no more!
Your murderous king!!! AHHAHAHAHA!!!

Smashing slashing biting scouring!
Cut their throats and give no mercy!
Blasting bashing crushing burning!
Blood and fire will scorch the land!

I will see this deed be done!
Mark my words: I'll see you burn!

Mock my trinkets if you will
While you still breathe, for good or ill
Run, run, or be well done
May the fires consume you!
A scavenger shall lead the way
Or so I always liked to say
Follow me off the edge
Not as if you have a say!

Smashing slashing biting scouring!
Blasting bashing crushing burning!
Killing spilling hurting razing!
Terrorcrux is out for blood! (x2)

Every creature that is breathing
Reckons with their lives now ceasing...